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Wow, this is kinda last blogger post!! Kristine did overtime getting my new domain up today, and Blue Roses is all set up over there. So, without further ado...

Head on over to Blue Roses' new home at! I'll be there waiting for you.

words from Rina Stewart at 1/21/2002 10:25:43 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

I am SO sleepy! LOL Wow. I think the interview went well...only took about 25 minutes or so. They asked me questions about Gilliangels (they asked where I got the idea, I said it was based on one for Gillian that I had expanded so that more people could get involved, kinda implying that it wasn't for Gillian anymore. And it's not. It's for Gillian and nsync. ; ) ), about my major, previous jobs, and my knowledge of German. I'm really hoping I get this job, so cross your fingers for me.

So I got back around 11:15, and have been writing ever since. Got about two pages done...I think I'm heading towards a quick wrap-up, if I ever can get myself to write the next paragraph. LOL But beyond that, I've been playing with my new domain name. Everything is almost ready, I think, for my blog, so expect a new address sometime this week. YAY!! It was a lovely Christmas present from my Lady K, that took me and Kate weeks and weeks to name, when the name we ended up with is, like, so obvious for us. LOL

I LOVE this Buffy...I Only Have Eyes For You. Makes me cry every time. <.g> And Angel just said a line I have on my computer..."I just love to see you smile." LOL Actually, I combined two of his lines to make my startup sound, "Hello, lover. I just love to see you smile." <.g> EW! Snakes! I forgot this part.

words from Rina Stewart at 1/21/2002 06:26:26 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Whoa, it snowed! LOL Wow. I didn't notice a thing when I opened my curtains. But I just looked out, and saw white on my balcony. And then on the trees. So I walked over and everything is covered in white. LOL Not a lot of white, but definitely more than was there at midnight, when there was none. <.g> Freaky.
words from Rina Stewart at 1/21/2002 09:32:10 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

So I've got just over three pages, typed, of my story done, not including the ending that I already wrote. And do you know what happens? A lot of introduction. LOL I think I fell asleep just as I was getting to a real plot starting. <.g> Oh, well, I have all day today. After my interview. For which I am very very nervous. <.sigh> But I'm going to do my best and that's all I can do, right? I can't wait until it's over.
words from Rina Stewart at 1/21/2002 09:10:59 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

<.whimper> I finally am back and able to watch TCM's Silent Sundays. I love silent movies. They're usually only about 90 minutes, so I figured I'd have no probem staying up to watch tonight. Then I watched the intro. The movie is a classic Erich von Stroheim called Greed, from 1924. His original cut was 9.5 hours. The studio of course asked him to cut it down, which he did, to 4 hours. Then they took editing away from him and brought it down to 2.5, which was pretty much a travesty and destroyed his vision. The other 7 hours of footage have sadly been lost since then, but some film historians found his original shooting script and lots of production stills. And recreated the four hour version. How the hell am I going to stay up to 3 am watching this movie?! LOL What lovely timing...I get a chance to watch and they put on one of the longest silent movies ever made! Ah, well. I guess we'll see how much of my story I can get done while I watch.'s kinda hard to just listen to a silent movie. <.g> Ooops. Maybe it'll distract me from my total and complete nervousness about this interview tomorrow morning. <.sigh>
words from Rina Stewart at 1/20/2002 11:07:15 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Today is such a nothing day. LOL It's cloudy and gloomy and grey out. So I've written the first page and the last page of the story, and need to get my ass in gear to finish the middle. That's it. That's all I've done. Well, and read fic. <.g> I didn't take a shower, I'm still in pajamas, and I haven't eaten yet. Isn't that awful? Oh, well. Maybe I'll go down and make a tuna sandwich and keep on with my story. I'm loving it, but so far, it's very elf-centered. Lysandra needs a personality, stat! LOL
words from Rina Stewart at 1/20/2002 04:30:18 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

I slept late today! That's fun. <.g> I don't get to tomorrow, since I have the 11am interview. For which I'm pretty damn nervous. ACK! <.sigh> Today's gonna be spent writing my little fairytale, which will hopefully go fast. And then the Golden Globes are on tonight...along with the premiere of nsync's Chili's commercial. LOL I'm hoping West Wing and Moulin Rouge have strong showings this year. Although now that I said that, they won't win anything. <.g>

Hmmmm, I feel like breakfast. Anyone wanna come over for blueberry pancakes? LOL

words from Rina Stewart at 1/20/2002 11:09:32 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Lance was SO CUTE on MadTV. LOL And Joey was on, too, and he sang! Happiness! <.g> But the Lance bit was so cute, where she was interviewing both him and the show's Lance Bass, who insisted he was the real one. So Lance was asking him questions, "Just between us Lance Basses." LOL Pretty damn silly. And they really do have the same big Hollywood grins. LOL And then I watched my Saturday night cooking shows, until mom came on to ask who the hot guy singing on SNL was (Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, BTW). She's so cute...she likes to have a general knowledge of whatever I'm into so she knows what I'm talking about, but she's taking this pretty far, way farther than she ever did for XFiles, that's for sure. LOL She's really excited about Real World this season. And she watched Becoming, too. So MTV has joined her channel list, which had previously been the news networks, the Turner channels, and HGTV. LOL Much fun.
words from Rina Stewart at 1/20/2002 12:15:16 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Kate and I watched Becoming NSYNC...I thought it was going to be the stupidest thing, but it was SO adorable. I loved those guys! They were so cute, and SO excited about being nsync. They cracked me up, and I had the hugest smile on my face watching them. Somehow, it was more fun because they were guys, who you wouldn't think would be admitting that they were such big fans and had little shrines and stuff. <.giggle>

Tonight's actually just been a total nysnc night. LOL First of all, mom called to let us know that Lance is gonna be on MadTV tonight, and the previews showed him with the guy who played him in the spoof she had seen over break, and they both had on the big fake Hollywood grins. LOL I can't wait!! The other fun thing is that I decided to ditch my old story for class on Tuesday and write a new one. I was just not enthusiastic about it at all. So Kate and I were just playing around with topic ideas, and she talked about rewriting a fairy tale. That spiraled into us laughing hysterically and naming some elves...Ecnal the albino elf, CJ the narcoleptic elf, Patrick the leprachaun elf, Tony the mobster elf, and Buck the southern elf. They're a little elf singing group deep in the forest called the Shortstacks. <.giggle> So what resulted is a fractured fairy tale of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty all mixed up into one feminist, lovely maiden saves herself story. <.g> I've only written the prologue so far, but it's making me happy and giggly, and I'm excited! I'm thinking no one else will have such a bizarre little tale, so even if it's not exactly what he had in mind, it'll stick out. LOL

words from Rina Stewart at 1/19/2002 09:32:48 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Wow. Gotta love timing. Here I was sitting down to type about what a pathetic writer I am, and how every idea I've come up with sucks. Then I check my mail and my only new message is from a girl who read When Angels Cry and said it was the best Willow story she'd ever read. LOL So now I'm grinning and happy...and still convinced I'm going to fail this class. But at least some people like my stuff. <.g>

He's talked about genre writing...romance, mystery, sci-fi...and how we're focusing on literary. Well, uh, I can only seem to write romance. LOL Jess told me that last year, and she's absolutely right...I have big problems writing about two people if there's no UST in there. So I'm trying to write a story, and I'm so stuck because I don't want it to be stupid and pointless. Basically, I have this woman who gets killed suddenly and has a chance to go back and tie up some loose ends. What loose ends? No clue. <.g> See the problem? Kate and I were talking, and I kinda like the idea that she goes back to say goodbye and help her friend Scott, who blames himself for her death. Possibly because she was going somewhere or doing something for him, or to see him, and wouldn't have been there otherwise. Does that sound really stupid? Any ideas on what she could do, or anything?

I think what I have to do is just kinda keep considering the options and not write yet. That's how I usually write, but I'm not usually on a time schedule. LOL I need to figure out why she's there and what she does, and then I can go back and fill in the dots as I write. Help is gladly accepted. <.g>

words from Rina Stewart at 1/19/2002 01:19:19 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Wooo, I finished my reading! I wanted to be done by noon, and it's 12:06. Close enough. <.g> I still have to get my train ticket...who would have thought that they'd be closed from 9:30-10:30am? Certainly not us, who got there at 10. LOL So, let's see, what's still on my list?

Finish the story for Tuesday
Get my train ticket
Watch MMC
install my CD drive

This is pretty exciting! Not much to do at all. I better go check out my story and see how much work needs to be done. Not that I can print it right now...every printer in this house is on the fritz. That is SO annoying. I've got to figure out what went wrong with mine. : ( It worked before break!

words from Rina Stewart at 1/19/2002 12:08:52 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

People find me in the most unusual ways. Here are some of my favorites. <.g>

JC Chasez Mennonite (For once, a topic I actually *did discuss), lesbian hermione granger ginny weasley (Hmm, wonder if they found anything good?), buffy dawn incest slash (ack! LOL), fucking in baby doll pajamas (What on earth are they looking for here? LOL), several variations on harry and hermione shippers (NOOOOOO!!!!! LOL They must have been sorely disappointed), and many requests for Zenon music. Which I don't have, sadly, but if you want to find Zoom Zoom Zoom or Protozoa, go to and find their movie page. They have the songs there. <.g> A lot of people also seem to find me by searching for Sean Biggerstaff, which is fun. But that JC one was my first nsync hit that I saw. Amazing, with all the talking I do about them and Lance! LOL

words from Rina Stewart at 1/19/2002 09:11:32 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

We have snow!!!!! : )
words from Rina Stewart at 1/19/2002 08:31:35 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Kate and I did a lot of our nsync things last night...listened to the CD, watched Making the Tour and Live from Madison Square Garden. We were up until 1 with the last one. <.g> Which led, of course, to nsync dreams. Nothing with them, really, but it was this really weird, involved dream about some guy who had moved into our basement and was ready to kill us to get the whole house to himself, and kept uploading false nsync news to my watch to try and throw me offbalance so I wouldn't come after him. But I just kinda shrugged off whatever he was saying, and dragged Kate and Aarti with me to go after him. I think this is what I get for watching that much nsync and then reading a few chapters of a murder mystery before bed. <.g>

So, with all the nsync stuff and Chili's for dinner, I only got half my reading done. So I need to finish that, run the morning errands (which is why I'm up this early on a Saturday. LOL), and then I'll have the rest of the weekend to write and watch JC and Justin on MMC. <.g> I'm excited. LOL

words from Rina Stewart at 1/19/2002 08:30:50 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Whooo, I got an interview!! For the language producation lab research assistant. I'm really excited. I just have to find Beckman. <.giggle>

TRL showed nsync's Chili's commericals. We were laughing SO HARD! LOL I loved JC with the Australian accent, and giggling as he had to contort his arm to keep the bug on camera. <.g> Also cute was Justin taking over the song, and Chris throwing his earphones down and looking ready to strangle him before storming out. And then take two, where Justin got SO into the song that he grabbed JC's shirt and yanked him right up into his face to sing to, while Joey had to drape himself over JC to extricate him. <.giggle> It was just too adorable and silly for words.

Now back to reading. LOL

words from Rina Stewart at 1/18/2002 04:27:41 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Time for the Friday Five!

1. What do you have your browser start page set to?
Blogger <.g> It's just easiest.

2. What are your favorite news sites?
I don't really have one....I get most of mine from AOL and their top news page by defualt. <.g>

3. Favorite search engine?
Google! I'm there every day.

4. When did you first get online?
Let's see...freshman year in HS. So, I believe that would be April 1996. I quickly found the General Hospital boards, found the Angels, and found Krissy!

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
See below post. LOL Writing, writing, and nsync. Very exciting.

words from Rina Stewart at 1/18/2002 01:43:29 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Straightened up my room a bit, and feeling much better. <.g> Garbage is out, floor is cleaned off, bed is made, it's all good. I like having only one class on Fridays....this week, it's like a four day weekend! LOL So what do I have to do this weekend? Let's see....

Read for the week
Review 376 for this last week
Write a story for Tuesday (ACK!!!!! Anyone have ideas? LOL I don't think I can hand in my current one. ;) )
Go with Kate to cancel the money grubbing Jazzercise people
Ask Kate if we can, at that time, stop at the train station to buy me tickets for my play the 25th.
Pay the cable bill
Watch all of Kate's nsync DVDs and stuff. <.g>

I think that's managable! I'll give myself a break until after GH and start reviewing and reading at 3ish. Then I'll take a nice little walk to the mailbox. We can't do the Jazzercise and train station until tomorrow morning, so that leaves three days to write a story and have an nsync day. I'm excited. <.g>

I went on another downloading streak today...oh, that's another thing to add to my list. Install my new rewritable CD drive. <.g> Anyway, yeah...I downloaded John Mellancamp's Beautiful World, which I love. Then I realized it features India.Arie, who I've heard a lot about. So I downloaded some of her songs, and *love them. I really want that CD. I need to clear off a lot of space on my harddrive if I'm going to keep with the downloading thing, though. LOL I already planned to get 700MB of pictures and stories onto CD, which will help. And maybe I can make some CDs of my MP3s and delete a bunch of those off. Even though it's kinda fun having such a mix on my computer. <.g> We'll see, I guess. And I was considering uninstalling all of my Sims programs and reinstalling them to get some more space. Most of the fun for me is setting up homes and stuff, and old games get pretty damn stalled. But I'd miss my SimSlutSelf and SimJoey. <.g> I guess that's another "we'll see." LOL

words from Rina Stewart at 1/18/2002 11:48:40 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

From Kate:

Drink me!

Which drink are you?

I love Brandy Alexanders! LOL

words from Rina Stewart at 1/18/2002 08:32:22 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

I do love my writing class. LOL We had to go around and say something interesting or a story idea or dialogue snippet from the maps we had done for today. And I was like "ACK!!!" because he has said that he didn't expect us to come up with story ideas from it. So I was nervous and just babbled, but he noticed my pages and had me hold up my sheets as examples of exactly what they should look like. <.g> So I felt least I was half way there. LOL Par for my course. <.g> Also very cool is that before class, half of us had our noses buried in books! Usually I'm the only one reading before classes start. <.giggle>

Dude, Kerry has brown hair. I liked the red.

Kate, Aarti and I just finished watching Model Behavior on Disney...Justin's movie. LOL It was pretty cute. I'd only seen the last half hour before, now I've seen the last hour. <.g>

Awwww, Sandy kissed Kerry! I thought that was going to happen. <.g> I hope it works out for them... Kerry was so happy last week with her.

words from Rina Stewart at 1/17/2002 09:43:48 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

OKkay, I'm trying to map ideas and stuff. his example was "jeans -->little boy -->courderoy," so I'm thinking that my slightly bizarre "road trip -->Lance -->movies -->AMC -->Remember WENN -->WW2 -->teen magazines" is okay, right? Because his only makes sense to him and mine only makes sense to me. <.g> Hope I'm doing this right, anyway! I never had to do this before. I tested out of all those basic writing classes...
words from Rina Stewart at 1/17/2002 02:19:05 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

There's Kim eating those Ruffles! LOL Now I have a taste for sour cream and onion ruffles. LOL

I totally forgot that I needed to buy a composition book thingie for writing tonight...ack! LOL I have to do that after my class, and spend some time mapping out random connecty ideas. Should be fun. LOL

Today's my long day...11-6:15. Okay, so I have a break from 1-3, and 4:20-5, but still. <.g> I'll be using that time today to get the comp book, do that assignment, and maybe work on my story. Should be fun. LOL

words from Rina Stewart at 1/17/2002 09:41:00 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Ruffles!!!!! I'm watching ER reruns on TNT, and Ruffles is on!!!! Whoooo!! I'm gonna be watching this a lot more now. <.g>
words from Rina Stewart at 1/17/2002 08:51:42 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

The End for XF. Wow...I'm proud of Chris Carter. Although, really, if he wanted to go out on top, last season or the one before was the way to do it. <.g> But still, this is a good time for the show to end. Hopefully David will come back for the finale, and give Mulder and Scully a wonderful, happy send off. Or at least one together. ; )
words from Rina Stewart at 1/17/2002 08:50:45 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Wow, Lance got to run with the Olympic Torch! That has to be the coolest thing for him. Kevin Richardson did too, according to VH1 this morning. Mom says they both raised money for the Olympics. Very cool indeed. How exciting would that be?

Okay, I did my homework. I think it's time for bed. If I sleep it off, take vitamins, and drink juice, I will not get whatever thing Sarah has and seems to want to pass around, right? Right. <.g>

words from Rina Stewart at 1/16/2002 09:46:48 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Emode is just as dangerous as eBay. This is the Open Book test.

Stop the presses -- you're a Hardcover!
Your score shows how much you value your privacy. Your emotions aren't out there in broad circulation -- you prefer to keep them hidden on the shelf. Clearly, there are many "chapters" of your life kept off-limits, even from close friends. This strategy can keep you from getting hurt by others, but there's a downside, too. With less intimacy, you might feel that your personal relationships are not very satisfying. It can be difficult for some people to open up to others, but perhaps you should choose a couple of chapters that aren't too personal and try sharing them with a close friend. Dust off that old volume and open it up -- you may find that your friend responds in a very positive way.

Somewhat right. Which makes sense since I kept answering everything with "somewhate true" or "somewhat false." LOL

words from Rina Stewart at 1/16/2002 06:54:44 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Following Krissy, took the emode personality test.

Rina, you're an Observer!

Your personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your secondary sub-type. You are an Observer which means you are a Discreet / Golden. Your primary sub-type is defined by "Discreet" characteristics and your secondary sub-type is defined by "Golden" characteristics.

You like television. At parties, you lounge around on couches and watch other people flirt and act stupid. But at the same time, you're happy enough to go along with the group. You don't like drawing attention to yourself red platform shoes or flamboyant, sequined outfits are out of the question. A perfect evening for you means a cozy chat with a good friend and a pint of Haagen-Dazs.

Yup, that sounds just about right. <.g> In fact, it sounds about exactly right...I think that's exactly what Gen and I were doing at Kate and Meghan's party. LOL

words from Rina Stewart at 1/16/2002 06:13:36 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Ugh. Sarah's sick, Aarti said today she wasn't feeling all that well, Kate's all headachy, and I feel like crap. Not a good way to start the semester. <.g> I've been ready to fall asleep for an hour now. I have to make it to 9, though, to watch WW with mom. After that, I think I'll beg out and go to sleep.

Does anyone have three aspects of their philosophy of education they would like to share with me in the meantime? : )

words from Rina Stewart at 1/16/2002 06:06:06 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Wishlists are fun. <.g>
words from Rina Stewart at 1/16/2002 03:38:58 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

My goodness. There is a squirrel menage a trois going on on my balcony! LOL Well, it alternates between that and chasing each other in circles. It's kind of amusing. <.g>

I love love love my EdPsych class. Let's put it this way...we started out with a wine tasting excercise. LOL And we saw clips from movies like Ferris Bueller, too. He says he likes to start out each class with a movie clip. Not going to complain. LOL We'll see how the discussion is tomorrow...that's two hours, as opposed to the one hour lecture.

Oh, geez. Miggie had to go and say that the nsync fantasy phone is half off on Amazon. ARGH! LOL It looks so damn cute and fun, and if the other guys' calls are as fun as Lance's, then I'm in trouble. I so cannot buy this. Don't let me anywhere near amazon, okay guys? Please? LOL I love the description on the page, though. And I'm comforted by the review from a 24 year old who loves it. I mean, c'mon...nsync magic 8 balls? LOL So cute. Okay, leaving that page now. LOL

Time for Trading Spaces!! I've missed that this week. : ) And awww, I got mail from Kate's grandparents. <.g> They're cool. LOL
words from Rina Stewart at 1/16/2002 03:19:20 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Wow, I just read for almost 2 hours. ::blinks:: It did not seem that long. How on earth can it be 10pm already? LOL The book for 376 is actually not bad, especially compared to last sem's. It was pretty interesting, actually...talking a lot about the people who have shaped the field. I was pretty interested throughout. And the last 45 minutes was spent with my books for the writing class...totally cool. Although I'm nervous about writing a story for class next week! Ugh, I need ideas. LOL

I think this is Kevin Richardson on whatever talk show is preceding Xena on, he has bushy eyebrows. LOL Oh, this is Daily Remix. But yeah, he looks like Bert, but with long hair. <.g>

words from Rina Stewart at 1/15/2002 09:59:51 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Johnny found me a few more details on Lance's new's called Mama's Boy, about a nice guy next door, it's filming this summer, and he's the lead. Which would explain a two month tour only. It's apparently a first time writer, which I think is exactly does one get a script to Lance? <.g>

Okay, so I'm not a fountain of knowledge or anything. LOL But it's something to keep an eye on. I only hope that he's gotten some acting lessons, and the editors don't butcher the hell out of the final product. I loved On the Line, but it's more the affectionate liking that you have for a project that a, stars someone you like and b, kinda feel bad for because it could have been better. LOL

I feel like getting some reading done for classes this week. Tomorrow, I actually have to be up to get to my 10am. LOL

words from Rina Stewart at 1/15/2002 08:13:37 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

I am SO going to love my writing class! There's only 18 of us, and everyone is so much fun, including the teacher. We had to go around and say something interesting about us. Some of them were hysterical, like the guy who said, "This morning, I had a full head of light brown curls. Then I went to the butchers over on Greene, asked for half an inch off, and came out with this helmet." <.g> It was really close cropped, and not at all curly. LOL Poor guy. <.g> Then there's this study abroad student from Scotland who's pretty cute. I love his accent. LOL So we have to write four stories, the first of which is due a week from today. Eeek! <.g> Then the rest of the three will be workshopped by the class and him, and those will be done every 3 weeks. I think it's going to be a lot of fun, with a great group of people, and I can't wait for Thursday!
words from Rina Stewart at 1/15/2002 06:24:37 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Whooo, my meeting is done! And it was SO was seriously 3 minutes long. She was really nice, though...all I had to do was sign a contract that my grades wouldn't be so low this semester, and that was it. All I had to do was tell her that it was the cadaver class, and she said she understood completely. Apparerently, I'm not the first person to fail it. LOL Then I headed to the seems like the one job I found might already be filled, but i'll e-mail just in case. The woman didn't speak English well and didn't seem to know anything for sure. I'll also call the other libraries that are hiring and see what's up there.

Speech path 1 is going to be a fun class...Dr. Johnson isn't teaching it, though. : ( That's sad. But I do like the teacher we ended up's all about articulation and phonation and stuff, so I'll even like the class. Whooo! LOL 30 minutes until I leave for my narrative writing class...hope that goes as well. : )

words from Rina Stewart at 1/15/2002 04:13:49 PM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

Wow. My brother had an absolutely HORRID speech session said he was so bad, throwing things and hollering. So what was his therapists reaction? She invited Josh over on Friday to make milkshakes and watch videos with her. She says that she and Josh need to do some fun things together so that he'll enjoy going to speech with her. I love her. What a neat thing to do.

Oh, mom says we get snow tomorrow...I only get an inch, while they're in 2-4. No fair!

words from Rina Stewart at 1/15/2002 11:38:29 AM celebrate with me! 

Christmas lights!

LOL! I'm watching Xena on Oxygen, and there was just another commerical for a talk show. The guy was like, "I wake up and think of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears. They wake up and breathe and make three million dollars. I'm in the wrong profession." <.g> Then the woman starts singing like them, and it was hysterical because it was so bad and just basically "Oh oh oh oh," but sounded just like Genie in a Bottle. LOL

You know, I love having mornings free, but I have nothing to do! LOL There isn't anything to read yet, or work on. So I'm reading Xena fic....Mel and Janice. I've been reading boyslash almost exclusively for the last month or so, which means it's time for some femslash. <.g> And Mel and Janice are set in the 1940s with archeology, which I love. You know, speaking of 1940s femslash...weren't some of my friends writing Hilaryslash at some point? Biz? Jennie? I seem to remember, oh, Maple, perhaps, being involved? Hell, I'd go for more Susan, too. C'mon, we're the only slash writers in the fandom! We need to write more. And since I'm already working on a story (not WENN, but it's still a story), you guys need to jump in. <.giggle>

LOL My roommate just ran up the stairs, grumbling. I asked if she forgot her keys again, but no, it was her shoes. LOL Only her. <.g>

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Christmas lights!

Yay, Miggie moved to tripod! Very nifty, my dear. : ) And there, she posted yet another quiz. So here we go:

What Psych-Ward do you belong to?

<.g> Fun.

Ugh...I woke up with this cut on my finger, and it really hurts. I can't think of *anything in my bed that would attack me! LOL Very bizarre.

Let's see, what do I have to do today? I have a class at 3, with Dr. Johnson (YAY!), and my writing class at 5. Much fun. But I also have my appointment with the Dean at 2. Not fun. Lauren said hers was a ten minute conversation, telling her to go to see Kathi. I'm hoping for something similar, as I have class at 3 and I think this Huff Hall is kinda far. Knowing me, I'll probably leave abominably early to get there, and be stuck with nothing to do. LOL

I'm watching the Daily Show, where they're talking about Bush and his pretzel incident. I kinda feel bad for the man...I would not want that knowledge public. LOL I mean, passing out by choking on a pretzel, bruising his face and lip? You'd at least hope for something a little more exotic. <.g>

Ugh, guess I better get dressed and stuff. Probably eat. I didn't do enough of the eating thing yesterday. LOL Tomorrow I'm back to the 10am class thing, and out by 2:30, which will be nice. But I have to get through today first. LOL

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Christmas lights!