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-Saturday, June 2-

Dad rented Billy Elliot for us to watch tonight - it was wonderful! I loved it. I also liked seeing Julie Walters in such a large role - she's playing Mrs. Weasley in the HP movies, and I had never seen her work. Now I wish Mrs. Weasley had a bigger part! LOL Mom and I kept going, "Wow, Mrs. Weasley can dance!" and things like that. <.g>

Now it's ten to midnight, meaning ten minutes until mom's birthday. Guess who gets to stay up and wrap all the gifts??

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-Friday, June 1-

A CJ/Sam story!!!!!! They're so rare, I get so happy to find one. <.g> This is a sad one, though. But very real, too.

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Happy birthday, Marilyn Monroe! I've been watching her movies on AMC all day, and she was such a brilliant actress. They showed a documentary of her final days, and reconstructed 37 minutes of the film she was working on when she died. It was amazing. I know it was later made into a movie starring Doris Day called Move Over, Darling that I've seen a few times, but damn, Marilyn was so far superior to Doris in all ways. It made me sadder that she died so young.

I'm 64% obsessed with Harry Potter: Very obsessed. You may be suffering from withdrawl symptoms while waiting for the fifth book to come out. Hee hee.

I'm also watching Matchbox Twenty on VH1's Storytellers. I love Rob Thomas. <.g> He was talking about how a fan had come up and asked him if he had broken up with his girlfriend based on the song "If You're Gone," and Rob was like, "No. The song is IF you're gone. If. Pay attention!" LOL It was cute when he said it. The final song is 3am, and it was just him and the piano. Both he and members of the audience were in tears. And me. It was just beautiful.

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-Thursday, May 31-

I get SUCH interesting referals. Things like:
the sims lesbian cracks, the giver gets mad at Jonas, harry ginny potter romance, Eve6 "here's to the night" mp3, fred ron incest slash, MTV Undressed episode downloads, ron having sex with, amber benson tara nc-17, west wing slash fiction, dobie gray wavs, online book called "The Giver," TRIPOD GAY teen boys

Ron having sex with sounds very interesting, I think. <.g>

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Oh, Beatriz redesigned! I love it - the little kid in the picture is adorable.

Did I ever mention that I love Amy's new design, too? I love the colors, and the rainbow links are my favorite. <.g>

Sara set a date for her wedding! Congratulations. {{HUGS}} The rings are lovely.

From Belle and the enneagram test, I am a six:
Primary Intelligence: Mental
Coping Style: Reactive
Social Style: Compliant
Hierarchical Style: Harmony

Sixes seek harmony with the world by complying to group standards. As mental types, they are preoccupied with danger, as their minds think of one dangerous scenario after another. They seek safety through group membership, perhaps because there is safety in numbers. Being keenly aware of the possibility for danger, they can react quickly when something seems amiss. At their best, Sixes make very loyal friends.

I think that sounds about right. I'm known for being in a situation and picturing the worst happening. LOL

And now I'm done with my dailies. I shall go and listen to my mom bitch about the unprofessionalism and incompetance of Josh's team members, as we do his three year review. <.g>

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Mom and I watched Rosie yesterday - I was laughing so hard, I cried. They showed clips from when BSB and n sync were there. NSync played this pictionary game, and they were so hysterical. But best of all was BSB - it was the five of them vs. five of their fans, and all the questions were about the BSB. They lost by some 20 odd points. LOL At one point, the question was about Howie, and they were a little horrified that they didn't know a lot about their lives, and so Nick and Kevin reached over, grabbed his hand, and started slamming it on the buzzer. "You're Howie! This is your question! You have to know the answer!" LOL Then there was a question about Nick's old garage band, and he didn't even have a CLUE. LOL It was just so cute.

Also cute was Brad Whitford on the Daily Show. He always wears these tight jeans - I like it. LOL Anyway, he was so fun, and so slashy. <.g> At one point, after they had been joking about Rob Lowe, he turned to the camera and said, "I love you, Rob." It was cute. <.g> Rob Lowe is also very cute - check out this photo, taken by his sons. LOL They're 5 and 7, and it's so adorable! The little one calls his dad "cuddly." <.g>

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Survey from Krissy:

LIVING ARRANGEMENT? Currently at home with my parents and little brother. Come August, I'll be in a three story townhouse with my friend Kate and two others.
WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Blue wacom tablet
FAVORITE BOARD GAMES? Life, Clue: Mystery Detective, and Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit.
FAVORITE SOUND? Josh's giggle - never fails to make me smile.
FUTURE CHILD'S NAME? Caitlin Calahan Grace. Calahan is my great-grandmother's last name, and I promised to give my first born it as a middle name. I have tons of names picked out, to be honest. LOL I'll share sometime.
FAVORITE FOODS? potato panckaes
CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA? Vanilla - I'm allergic to chocolate.
DO YOU LIKE TO DRIVE FAST? NO! LOL I barely drive the speed limit. <.g>
DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL? Yep, his name is Trevor. He's a teddy bear in a Christmas sweater.
STORMS: Okay unless I'm with my mother. Then they're terrifying. (She's a bad influence. <.g>)
WHAT TYPE WAS YOUR FIRST CAR? '97 Ford Escort in Pacific Green
IF YOU COULD MEET ONE PERSON DEAD OR ALIVE? Maybe Marilyn Monroe or Amelia Earhart. Partially because I'd want to know how they died. <.g> Also because I think Marilyn was a lovely woman, and I grew up idolizing Amelia. (If I met David or Brad Whitford, I know I'd be plagued with jealousy and be miserable. LOL)
FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK? Vodka. LOL Also mimosas, or Ron/Hermiones
DO YOU EAT THE STEMS OF BROCCOLI? I don't eat any part of broccoli. LOL
IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB YOU WANTED WHAT WOULD IT BE? A writer! Movie, TV, book, I'd love it all.
IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOR? I already dye it, thank you very much.
IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL? I'd like to say full, but I think empty. But I'm not a pessismist, honest! LOL Only when it comes to me. Hmmm.
FAVORITE MOVIES: Adam's Rib, Return to Me, Grease, Philadelphia Story
FAVORITE SONGS: Here Comes the Sun (Beatles), Meet Virginia (Train), Hanging by a Moment (Lifehouse), Breathless (The Corrs).
WHAT CELEBRITY DO YOU THINK YOU COULD BE BEST PALS WITH? Gillian Anderson. She's so open and honest and funny, and I'd love to be around her. I think we'd get along pretty well.

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I come bearing pictures. <.g> I know, I know, getting out of hand lately. This scanner is just too fun. LOL This'll probably be the end of picture talking for awhile, though.

1. Mr. Grumpy Face 30 hours post-op.
2. My grandparents, me, and Josh in December '97. Ignore my hair.
3. My grandparents and I in March. (This didn't scan well. For once, I took a decent picture and it doesn't show. My hair even looked good.)

Fun how my grandmother is the only one of us who hasn't changed. <.g> But you can tell how bad my grandfather has gotten - he's lost so much weight and gotten so pale.

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-Wednesday, May 30-

Woo-hoo!! Laura Smith, of Buffy and Dawson fic writing fame, has a journal!! It's about her stories, inspirations, meanings, etc. I'm very excited. <.g>

Also, I can't wait for tomorrow's AMC! I am so excited about Robin and Anna. Today's flashback was amazing - I remember that!!! That was my favorite scene for years - I was so sad to learn that soaps don't repeat, because I always, always wanted to rewatch it. Now I have it on tape. <.giggle> I must have been, gosh, five or six? Somewhere around there. Great scene. I'm so glad Kim had the role all these years so they could do flashbacks.

I'm watching Now and Then on CBS. I keep meaning to buy the soundtrack - I love the music. Love the movie, too. The commericals billed Brenden Fraser first, but I still haven't seen him in here at all. LOL Oooh, end's coming now, and I love that part. I'm a sucker for any book or movie that gives us a story and then tells what happens to the characters. <.g>

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Dad came home all excited last night - turns out he had been at Border's on his lunch break and found the DVD of House of Mirth, which was just released yesterday. So he bought it for me. I'm obviously very excited, since I never got a chance to see it in the theaters, but it is so like him to just buy me something instead of appologizing or saying something. <.sigh> Oh, well. Not much I can really do.

Does anyone know how to find military records? Online or off. Dad asked me for help. I really do think it's an invasion of privacy, but then mom explained it to me. There's this guy at work who's trying to get dad's job. He's african-american and so is the boss, Dorothy Brown, so he thinks that she'd believe him over dad if it came down to that. So he's doing horrible things like taking nude pictures and putting them in dad's desk, things like that. I don't think it would ever come to that, since everyone loves dad - for all his faults, he is very, very good at what he does. So I want to help. Any ideas?

Mom and I kinda talked today. After all this, after me taking a job at the clinic that I didn't want, she finally gets that I didn't want the job. I desperately wanted a job at the library, but now all they have open are page jobs, and I'll be damned if I'm doing that again. So I'm thinking about going across the street and applying at the bank. Thing is, I still have to do the morning camps, and I take a train there. Train ride is only 4 minutes, but I obviously am stuck with their schedule. I can come back at 10:58 or 12:58. Camp ends at 12. So I get to spend my lunch hour in La Grange, come home, change, and run across the street. If I get the job! I'm also calling one of Josh's classmate's mom and seeing if I can work in her law office instead. Or maybe Town Hall wants a clerical person? I am just so desperate for a NEW kind of job.

I did tons of scanning today! I just need to resize them. I'll share one or two more of Josh, and then I found two of me and my grandparents. One is from March 98 and the other from this past March - it's amazing how much my grandfather has changed. He's lost so much weight, he looks so pale. It's scary. June 3 is cancer survivors day, and he and my grandmother are going to the Loyola party at the zoo. They're so much in denial. They refuse to believe he's dying. They aren't saying goodbye, they aren't getting affairs in order, nothing. He's going to this herbalist, and he says he's doing better. And maybe he is - he had a bite of sandwich the other day. But he can't even swallow his own saliva anymore.

Dad's on the warpath again. <.sigh> He's probably going to ruin mom's birthday on Sunday. Wouldn't be the first time. Why should she ever have a nice day?

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-Tuesday, May 29-

My tapes are organized! I got rid of a huge amount. Now everything is separated into stacks and labeled - GH, Dawson/Silk Stalkings/Other, new movies, classic movies, WENN, XF, and Buffy. WENN is by far the biggest, since every episode is on its own tape. LOL I know I have the seasons consolidated on to 5 tapes somewhere, so I need to find those and get rid of all of these. Then I'll have an opening in there for West Wing, and a lot of room to grow. LOL Next biggest is XF, which is almost as big as WENN, but each tape is full of only XF stuff. Amazing! LOL I also managed to find my copy of Buffy's finale last year, Restless. Now I can copy it for Jennie!!

So now that the tapes in my entertainment center are done, time to tackle my shelves. There are way less up there, though, so it should be pretty easy to get rid of some and organize the rest. Very cool stuff.

Now if there was only a way to do the same for my books. I just don't have room for any more! Each shelf has two rows, and then books are stacked and piled on top of those. I can't wait to get my own place where I can have bookshelves everywhere!

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I'm trying to organize my videos in an effort to get rid of some. So far, my piles are: Buffy, Dawson, XF, GH, movies, and other. Anyone want a large number of GH episodes from 1996-1998? Mostly Jax, it would seem. LOL I only rewatch the Buffy, DC and XF tapes, so it's pointless to keep GH and other. I haven't even thought about Second Noah in years. Why do I feel the need to keep an episode with Ricky, Ben and Kaylee? Who the hell IS Kaylee?

OH!!!!! is the HP trailer really playing before First Knight and Angel Eyes? One more reason to see the first, and a reason to see the second. I like the HP script writer. I think I'll like what he comes up with.

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Oh, look at Ginny Weasley! What a cutie. And look at the kids' autographs - they have such kiddish writing. LOL I used to write like Emma. <.g>

Oh, now they're singning that other song. Inside Out? I like this version, too.

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OOOH! Eve6 is at the Mix studio and doing a fabulous live version of Here's to the Night. It rocks! Just vocals and guitars. It sounds different, but I like it a lot.

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Hot damn, did yesterday suck. Blah. Dad was in this horrible mood because mom asked him why he folded his dirty laundry. They went to the town parade for all of 20 minutes before coming back because Josh didn't want to be there, and Dad kept slamming everyone they saw. It kept building until about 5:30, when we were all in the living room. Dad broke into mine and mom's conversation to say that the dog smelled. Mom asked me to give her a bath today, I agreed. He then said, "Or you could just stick her head into a plastic bag for awhile." I was furious. I took the dog and went upstairs, haven't talked to him since, the bastard.

I'm uploading a picture of Joshy to share with you all. This was taken last Wednesday, when his purple cast was put on. I have another that I scanned, of his first day home, but that didn't come out so I have to rescan it. He was Mr. Grumpyface. <.g> But it was so cute, so I totally have to share. Picture number one:

my brother Josh

Isn't he so cute? <.g> He's my sweetie. The other picture is totally cuter, though. LOL

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-Monday, May 28-

Ack! Okay, decided to play Sims after all. I knew it would keep me up too late, but it's fun! LOL So I decided to play with the Lymans tonight, Josh and Donna. In order to get them both promoted to campaign manager, they needed to have two friends. Jen Stibi came over, that was friend number one, thanks to Donna. I had been trying to get Hermione Weasley over, since I knew she and Donna would get along. For people so different, they're remarkably the same. LOL (You won't find Hermione dropping out of college for any guy, but she and Donna both tried to learn everything at school, for example.) But Donna was busy with Jen, so Josh tried to chat her up. Uh-uh, didn't work. LOL They're too much alike, I think. <.g> So anyway, next day Hermione comes over. And I was right, she and Donna did hit it off! Too much. I should have known that Donna wouldn't have an option to move Hermione in if they were just friends. <.g> All I wanted was to get their friendship level high so the Lymans could get promoted! I didn't mean for them to fall in love! So now I'm going to have to have Donna ignore Hermione for awhile, because both women really are happily married. Hermione and Ron have a son, and Josh and Donna are already talking kids. Hopefully they can stay friends after this. <.g>

Anyway, Josh and Donna both got their promotions. As long as they keep their marriage, that's all that counts.

I love this game.

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-Sunday, May 27-

Woo-hoo! Finally pushed myself to update the fun and links pages. Check 'em out! <.g>

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Fun night! Sun came out at the end of the day, mom and I watched Die Hard and NBC/NGW's Pearl Harbor special and played Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. I won. <.giggle> But mom really was close. We were both in our houses for the final question, and she would have won if I hadn't done a very lucky guess for mine. LOL It's a really cool game, and mom and I can't wait to play again.

Mmmm, what else? Mom's letting me sleep in until 10 tomorrow. <.g> Very, very late. I'm totally stalled on my XF/Buffy story. It has no plot. Anyone wanna look it over and help me with it? I miss Jennie oodles - I need to e-mail her and see when she'll be online. LOL Biz is gone, too, at the Media*West Con and then home for her sister's wedding. None of my online buddies are here! I'm kinda tempted to play Sims for a little while, but I don't know. I get a little too wrapped up in it. I'll glance up and see it's 3 am or something. LOL

Oh, Stephanie sent me the rest of S2 of West Wing! So last night I was up until 12:30 watching. So much fun - Josh's comment about Donna in a Catholic school uniform, her comment that if he was in an accident, she wouldn't stop for a red light, his comment about her tough love equipment. They have such an interesting relationship. LOL But I also watched Two Cathedrals and cried at the funeral bits, and all those lovely flashbacks, but I also now want to listen to Dire Straight's Brothers in Arms. So I believe I shall.

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I love rain. Really, I do. It's so much fun to sit in front of a big window with a book and music, and just relax. I love the sound, I love the look, I love the grey skies. But you know what? I'm on day five of rain. I'm going crazy. I can't be with people anymore, because I'm too crabby. My mood is as dark as the skies. I'm miserable! I hate this feeling. It's like everything is awful, and nothing will ever go right. I really need to cheer myself up, but my family is sabotaging every effort I make. If I could just have half an hour to be by myself in my bright room with the oldies on, I could recharge myself and not be the bitch monster from hell. But no. I have to go out with them. I have to help cook. Mom needs to come up here and say mindless, stupid things to me. As much as I hate my summer job, I'd give anything to be out of here. But no. I have to spend time with my family, and as much as I love them, they're making me feel worse.

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